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SuperCard DSTwo 3DS | DS FLASH | Review

ds iPlayerSuperCard DSTwo (SCDS2) is the latest and arguably the greatest DS / DSi / 3DS Flash Card from the Super Card team. What makes it so much better than other regular R4 3DS cards is not the DS rom compatibly or the build quality, but what is hidden inside the cartridge itself. If you open up the plastic casing you will find that on the PBC besides the basic adapter stuff to hold the microSD card and link it to the DS there is a small CPU and extra RAM inside the DSTWO. What this does is it adds the extra processing power needed to run previously impossible programs like:

  • GBA emulation on DSi and 3DS both of which do not have a GBA slot for the old cartridges!
    DStwo Gameboy Advance emulator supports save games, screen capture and even cheat codes!
  • SNES emulator for DS / DSi and 3DS with sound and speed like no other flash card can offer thanks to the built in CPU. Real-Time-Save at any place in the game, cheat support, game screen snapshot and other extra functions.
  • Media Player for DSTWO. Again thanks to the CPU you can play RMVB/AVI/FLV and most other popular video file formats and audio files in MP3/APE/FLAC without the need of converting them to DS format on PC. So download a DivX movie from a torrent - directly copy it to SD card and play on the go.
  • Advanced Document Reader- turns your DS into an eBook reader with support for TXT, PDF, HTML, INI and other text filers and viewing images in : JPG,PNG,TIF, BMP,JPEG,gif format and it even supports reading files from within ZIP archives.
  • MAME, NES, GBC, GB, Atari, ZX Spectrum and many more 8-bit and 16-bit video game and computer emulators!

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DStwo Video Player 3DS DStwo GBA emulatro 3DS

SNES emulator 3DS MAME DS 3DS

DSTWO: DS ROMS Compatibility and Evaluation of Its Real-time Menu Features
The DSTWO may only play the same DS ROMs that can be played by the DSONE.  These two flash carts may have the same compatibility capabilities and issues as it is. Even if DSTWO has concerns regarding compatibility with DS ROM, customers can expect the Supercard team to find a solution to iron out these issues. The team is known for extending massive support for its flash carts evident in the updated software that it developed and now released for its original slot-2 DS flash carts.

Real-time Menu
The real-time menu was designed with a graphic rich interface which enables the use of a stylus or DS face buttons.
The game guide feature of DSTWO supports BMP and TXT files which in turn enable you to return to the exact part of the document which you last scrolled in. This proves to be useful to the customers.
The cheat mode is also compatible with the TTDS and R4DS compatible cheats.
The real time save feature is useful in that it gives you a chance to name four slots. Moreover, there are talks that the Supercard team is trying to update this particular feature in order to be compatible with 3D DS games.
The slow motion feature has four levels which work just fine. Upon testing it, there are little glitches in the graphics of the game when put to slow motion but such glitches did not have any substantial negative impact on the way the games run. The slow motion feature runs fine and follows exactly what level you put it on.
Unlike previous flash carts, DSTWO has this unique free cheat mode which still enables you to cheat despite the lack of cheat files in your flash cart. When you have installed new games which naturally do not have any cheat files as yet, you can use the free cheat mode to go around the game by searching for possible cheats. What more, you do not have to leave the game or to go to the PC to do so. The technique of cheating using this free cheat mode would be quite difficult to comprehend for people who are not natural cheaters. Normally, cheating in other games would mean modifying some in-game values such as life counts, coin or points. However, it is still hard to find a way to do this modification for values which are non-numerical. The cheating process usually happens this way: A good example would be the New Super Mario Bros. When your coin count is 3, use the free cheat mode to search for any value of “3.” You can expect to see thousands of search results and to be asked to narrow down your search. Play the game again and try to raise your coin count into 4. Use the free cheat mode again to search for “4.” This time, you will only have fewer results since the DSTWO slowly catches up with what you are really searching for. Do the same process over and over again until you will have a single result.

This single result can be altered in-game and you may even opt to save it with any name that you want to give it. If you want, you may also “lock” it. By locking values, this means that it will stay at that same value despite anything that may happen to the game. This is where cheating comes in for even if your character is supposed to die when hit for a number of times, it will not since its coin count will never decrease and go to zero.
The DSTWO package is shaped like a box similar to the structure of the iPlayer and DSONE. It also comes with a manual, the flash cart itself, and a micro SD card reader.

The DSTWO’s main physical attribute is that it is a black cart with glossy back label and a slot for the micro SD card. It has a screw that keeps it compact with some support prongs within the plastic mould. The chips add a slight bulge into the cart’s casing because they are not entirely encased within the cart. Even the DSi’s cart slot seems to be a tad little unsecured for the casing but it can still support well by clicking in the right places.
Unlike the DSONEi, DSTWO does not have a firmware flashing device of its own. The good news is that the firmware flasher is not needed to update the DSTWO. SuperCard team has figured out a way to pack the updates into a simple NDS file like a game, and all you need to do is exectute this nds file on the DS and wait for the update process to finish. Once it is turned on within a Nintendo DS/DSi, the CPU may replace the supposed functions of the firmware flashing tool.

Find out more about SuperCard DSTWO 3DS at (

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